Gastronomia dell’Arco

Gastronomia dell’Arco is a family business, committed to the daily preparation of fresh, healthy and genuine food. For our creations, we use simple and natural ingredients, with an eye to the environment and the locale.

We combine the traditional recipes of Piedmontese heritage with gastronomic inventions that come from years of experience and culinary passion: in our deli you will find classic dishes like ravioli and tajarin, but also oven-baked or steamed fish, vegetarian burgers, cheesecakes and much more.

Gastronomia dell’Arco is also an ideal stop for your picnic and take-out lunches (we provide disposable, compostable bowls and cutlery) and for delicious souvenirs: besides the fresh food, you will be surprised by an accurate selection of the best regional and national eno-gastronomic products, which makes the shop into a real deli boutique.

We also provide small catering solutions for events and celebrations: please contact us for further information.

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